People want to see musicians sing things that come from their own mind and own heart in real time, not to be imposed to change their style by the big music labels. Musicians and singers want to be the loud voice for so many quiet hearts, therefore music artists need to have full control over their art, messaging and music business. No need for a record deal to create an empire out of your music career. MANS RECORDS is an independent Record Label which aims at supporting independent artist CREATE interesting music content that will help them launch their music career while keeping their musical identity, PUBLISH and license artists’ music to be available worldwide, PROMOTE their music as well as their brand to help spread the music, create a fan base and monetize their success, TRAIN them to think as entrepreneurs , seeing their music as a business so as to act accordingly and finally LINK artists to key players who acts as makers/breakers of music celebrities such as ; music broadcasting Networks, radio channels, bloggers, news outlets, event promoters, booking agents, Music video directors, songwriters, recording studio, producers, music celebrities (for collaboration) etc. Don’t waste more time, join MANS RECORDS now and launch your independent music career.

Hello guys, I am Chrislan (Treasure) Maneng’s a Personal branding expert (Publicist) and manager at @EliteEntertainment. I started my journey as an artist. During my time as a singer, I surely may have had a record deal, attractive songs, good storylines and even a good physique but that wasn’t enough to make me a lasting celebrity. I was still lacking the support and creative mechanism that could transform the talent I was to a celebrity and the ability to handle my music as a business. I know many music artists out there will love to be celebrated for what they bring to the table while making ends meet through their craft. Labels are closing doors while at the same time we see an emergence of incredible music talents who just want a shot on the spotlight to display their craft. The rise of DIY musicians is changing the game, helping music acts to create their individual music empire and giving them full control over their brand. But for artists to become successful DIY musicians they need to be equipped both musically and businesswise, this is why I created Mans Records, an independent record label which aims at supporting independent artist Create, publish, promote, train and link artist’s works (same work done as traditional labels) while keeping the full rights to their works.


An Industry Worth Billions

The music & entertainment industry is a sector worth billions of dollars leading to a rapid boost of nation’s economy, an industry that influences politics, and an industry that plays a key role in healing the world. Music artists and aspiring artists shouldn’t miss this window opportunity to uplift their brand and create an empire for themselves. The good news is that professionals of the music industry have decided to come together to make things easier for you. I welcome you all to Mans Records, where your DIY artist needs will be satisfied.